Saturday, July 18, 2015

Resume attachments in job applications

Two month ago recruiters asked me to attach resumes to job application emails.
One month ago PostJobFree team made it happen.
Now when you post jobs we email you job applications and include candidate's resume as an attachment.

Here is how it works:

1) File format
If job seeker uploaded resume in PDF format - we send you their original PDF resume.
If job seeker uploaded resume in MS word or other text formats or just copy-pasted their resume - we convert that into DOCX and attach to the application email.
We try to preserve original resume formatting when converting resume to DOCX.

2) Document size
We do not allow job seekers to upload resumes more than 2 MB in size (such resumes are rare and usually contain large images).
If resume is more than 0.5 MB PostJobFree does not attach such resume to application email (to save your inbox from overflooding).
You can still download resume attachment (including large files up to 2 MB) from Job Application page:

Job application email contains a link pointing to the job application page.
You can also find job application on all job applications page.

So now that you know how it works let me ask you couple of questions:
1) Is it OK for you to receive resumes in both PDF and DOCX formats?
2) Should we filter out big attachments?
What maximum resume size should we allow when emailing job application to you?
(Currently "send attachment" limit is 0.5 MB).

Please reply in comments below or email