Thursday, December 10, 2015

How to post jobs

Step #1: Post your first job

Many candidates do not publish their resume. Instead they search for jobs.
Unless you post your job, candidates do not know that your opening exists.
Describe your most pressing opening and post your job.

Step #2: Include all relevant keywords

When adding keywords think about your ideal candidates:
  • What keywords are they going to search for?
  • Does your job posting contain all these keywords?
Add all relevant keywords to your job posting.

Step #3: Add more details to your job description

I recommend 100 to 500 words in your job posting (not too short, not too long).
Update your jobs and describe:
  • Required skills.
  • Benefits of working for your company.
  • Brief company overview (optional).

Step #4: Post more jobs

The more jobs you post - the more applications you would get.
Please post unique job descriptions (not copy-pasted duplicates).
Describe other job openings you have and post them all.

Step #5: Renew expiring jobs

Candidates usually apply only to recently posted jobs.
If you forget to renew your jobs, PostJobFree would send you a reminder 30 days after job's last renewal.
Every week (or every month) review your jobs and renew jobs that are still open.

If you have any questions - please ask in comments below or email