Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Job application autoresponder

Several recruiters asked me if PostJobFree can email auto-reply to candidates after they applied for a job.
We are working on making it happen.

Autoresponder may help recruiters communicate their application process to job seekers and make job seekers more comfortable waiting for recruiter's reply.

Please help us shape PostJobFree autoresponder by sharing your feedback:

1) Would job application autoresponder help you?

2) Would you like to be able to modify autoresponder message (or standard message for all recruiters would be ok)?
What message would you use in your autoresponses to applicants?

3) Should autoresponder be turned on by default in your job postings?

Please reply in comments or email to

Update: Job application autoresponder is ready


  1. Yes! I would love the option of setting up a unique autoresponse outlining our process.

  2. Yes I think having a auto response will help your website stand out from the rest of the websites

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  4. I like the idea of ON and OFF option for auto-responder and in general I thing auto-response should work as long as the recruiters job descriptions match with job seekers job profiles.

  5. Yes, this would be a nice option.

  6. @Sam Shaket: should ON/OFF switch turn auto-responder for all jobs at once or for individual jobs?

  7. @Kevin LaPointe: should the autoresponse be ON or OFF by default?
    With "ON" default setting every job you post would generate autoresponse to applying job seekers even if you did not change any settings.

  8. it would be a good idea for auto responder and maybe onscreen questions to ask jobseeker before inviting to interview

  9. Yes to ask. I believe auto responder will be a unique tool. Therefore, minimizing my hands on as and increasing my productivity

  10. Autoresponder is a valuable application. It allows candidates to know that they successfully got through the application process. Being able to personalize it is a nice touch but not needed IF the automated message is coming from PJF, not my company. I would like to have the default be ON.

    1. To clarify, is the purpose of the reply to let the candidate know that the resume was received OR their status (accepted or rejected?)

  11. An autoresponder confirming receipt of an application is always a good idea. I would recommend a default response with the option for a recruiter to customize if desired.

  12. I think an autoresponder is always a good idea to establish credibility and professionalism. I think anyone posting jobs should have the ability to customize the autoresponder to suit their company's needs. The option of turning it off or on could be valuable but my preference would be to default it to on.

    In our case, we have an extensive online application already in place at our website which is designed exclusively for truck drivers (which is our market), and our preference is to have the option to re-direct candidates to our own online application.

    It is always very informative for any candidate to be able to learn something about the company offering the position, and I think companies posting should be able to provide a description of their company and features which makes them stand out from their competitors.

  13. Yes, to all of the questions above.

  14. @Gary Kaufman:
    Autoresponder may have multiple purposes:
    1) Notify the candidate that their application was sent to the recruiter.
    2) Reassure the candidate that if their skillset matches job requirements then recruiter would contact them.
    3) Let the candidate know that some additional steps (such as answering questionnaire) may speed up their application process.
    4) Give recruiter's email or phone number to the candidate.

    Current version of autoresponder would not be able automatically reject candidates (but may be we would add something like that in the future).

  15. Yes, it would be great to have that feature. We are now sending out a message with important info manually to people who are interested in working at home. If that could be automated, it would be faster and more efficient. Thank you already for implementing this new feaature.
    John -

  16. It is definitely good to have auto response for several reasons but primarily because it is a way to immediately respond to senders that you have received their correspondance but if it can be customize you could use it to notify if the position has been filled or if you are not accepting any more applications, etc.

  17. Yes! I would love the option of setting up a unique autoresponse outlining our process.

  18. Christian,
    What kind of autoresponse does your process require?